Attract Quality Tenants to Your Elk Grove Rental Property

Take the key to unlocking excellent tenant screening, placement, and retention. At Key Realty Center Property Management, we attract highly qualified residents to your property.

Preparing Your Property for a Competitive Rental Market

Accurate, competitive, and profitable pricing attracts good tenants, and so does a clean, functional, and appealing rental home.

Rental Property Photographs that Tell a Story

We focus on angles, lighting, and volume when it comes to marketing your property to great tenants. They look at the pictures first. 


Optimizing Your Elk Grove, CA Rental Listing

Leveraging online rental sites, social networks, and our own SEO practices, we attract a lot of attention from prospective renters.

Smart Marketing Strategies

Our marketing and online advertising is automated, syndicated, and vast. We cast a wide net to bring in the best tenants.

Responsive Showings

When it’s time to see a property, we make sure that tenants can take a look at times that are convenient to them.

High Screening Standards

Our screening process is consistent, objective, and compliant with all fair housing laws. It delivers well-qualified, responsible tenants.


The Key to a Good Rental Experience is a Great Elk Grove Tenant

At Key Realty Center Property Management, we excel at delivering pleasant, profitable rental experiences for the owners and investors who trust us with their properties. Those experiences start with a great tenant, and that’s why we dedicate so much time and so many resources to finding exactly the right one.

Tenant Placement
Frequently Asked Questions


How do you screen tenants?

We have an automated and objective system that helps us place tenants with a solid rental history, adequate income, and an acceptable credit profile.

What’s the application process?

After a prospective tenant turns in a complete application, we conduct an interview and a full background search, including reference checks with previous landlords.

Do you require tenants to be insured?

Yes. Before new tenants get keys to any of our rental properties, we must get proof that they have renter’s insurance. We require Key Realty Center and the property owner to be listed as additional insured.

How do you know what tenants are looking for?

All of us have been renters. And, we’ve been managing properties for decades. That personal and professional experience tells us what tenants want and need. We provide our renters as well as our property owners with a better, safe, and happier rental experience.

What Our Clients Say

I’ve been working with Key Realty Center for more than 5 years. As an out-of-town owner, Rod helped take care of the property, find new tenants, collect rent and deal with evictions…Rod and his staff are always friendly and responsive. I would recommend them to owners who prefer being hands off with their rental properties.

Wendy W.

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May 17, 2024
Google - Erin - Key Realty Center
Ana and Rod are both very kind, helpful and professional. We found the perfect home for our family and moved in shortly after viewing. Key Realty is also very quick to respond to maintenance requests. I am very pleased with the whole experience.
Apr 17, 2024
Google - Brian - Key Realty Center
The folks at Key Realty Center take good care of my rentals so we can travel with peace of mind. I am pleased we found this company.
Feb 23, 2024
Google - Harold - Key Realty Center
After working with a couple of poor performing local Sacramento area property management companies, I discovered Key Realty Center in early 2023. Key Realty Center stands head and shoulders above the previous property management companies. Rod and his office staff(namely Ana) truly understand the needs of home owners as well as tenants and do an exceptional job in terms of customer service and most importantly communication. They remain on top of any reported repairs, issues, and concerns. Their experience level in terms of property management consultative advice is very apparent. They are the best in the area - I highly recommend Key Realty Center!
Feb 3, 2024
- Cody - Key Realty Center
I have lived in my apt unit 3 nearly 9 year. At that time its condition was terrible and I suffered awful stinky smell from the unit downstairs for years. Thanks so much Key Realty Center with new Manager Roy to work it out well and finally my apt doesn't have the stinky smell from downstairs anymore. Thank you so much....
Jan 29, 2024
Google - AHMED - Key Realty Center
Rod and the crew is doing a great job managing property to the full extent, he’s right on the point and clear in what hes gonna do and what he needs from you to have this partnership successful. Rod and team just like an autopilot, once it set on, things go great! Thank you Rod, Sara and Ana.

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