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The team at Key Realty Center has the personal and the professional experience to bring you the best service in Galt and the surrounding areas. We’ve been tenants. We’ve owned rental homes. We’ve been in this business for years, and we know its challenges and rewards. We’re more than professional property managers. We’re people. We live in the same communities as the people we serve. So, we want to get to know you. Talk to us about what has gone right and what has gone wrong and let us make a better rental experience for everyone. We want to know about your investment goals and your future. With our team, you’re getting more than experience when it comes to Galt rental properties – you’re getting passion.

Trust Our Galt Property Management Resources

Your rental property is different from any other home we manage. You’re different, too. When it comes to leasing and management and maintenance, we have some pretty great systems in place. But they’re flexible. They’re adaptable. They’re going to be moved around and re-shaped to fit exactly what you need. Our owners trust us. Why? Because we anticipate needs and we solve problems. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work with Galt property management. We understand.

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Protecting the Investment and the Investor

Owners need to trust their tenants and that means you need to trust your property manager. Our Galt leasing services start with strategic marketing that’s designed to find outstanding renters quickly. We want to limit vacancy and bring in as much rent as possible. We want to place tenants who love your home.

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California landlord tenant laws have become a bit… challenging? Impossible? Terrifying? We know they’re complex. It’s hard to keep track of whether your property qualifies for a rent control exemption and what you have to do to prove a just cause eviction. There are new screening standards every year it seems and the security deposit laws practically invite disputes. It’s hard to keep up.

That’s why you hire a professional Galt property management team like ours. We love what we do and it doesn’t feel like work to keep up with the complexities and the details of these laws and legislative initiatives. We love it, actually. We spend time reading and learning and talking to professionals. We attend conferences and seminars and committee hearings. We’re engaged and we’re educated, and that means we’re compliant. It’s the best way to protect you and your rental investments.

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Protecting Property Condition: Rental Property Maintenance

Protecting the condition of your investment requires preventative maintenance and some teamwork between your tenants and your property managers. Luckily, we’re very good at this. We have great relationships with residents and they understand the expectations of caring for your home.

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We focus on responsive maintenance repairs, and we don’t allow deferred or unreported issues to cause larger, more expensive problems. You earn more when you have a well-maintained home. It’s that simple.

Tenants can get in touch with a live person 24 hours a day when there’s an emergency. Routine repairs are also managed quickly, and we work with some of the best vendors and contractors in Galt. We believe in open and transparent conversations about what you’re willing to spend and what will require your pre-approval. Maintaining your home doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Key Realty Center, we prove that with every home we manage.

A rental home is often a person’s largest asset. We’re going to make sure you’re in the loop, whether it’s a $50 garbage disposal reset or routine sink inspections that are going to prevent a plumbing disaster.

We manage rental homes in Galt and the surrounding areas.

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Protecting Your Bottom Line with Transparent Financial Accounting

Reporting and tracking income and expenses is necessary to know where you stand and where you’re going. With your Key Realty Center management team taking care of the accounting, you can rely on details, transparency, and accurate statements and reports that keep you informed and invested.

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Check out your online owner portal when you’re curious about rental payments or maintenance spending. You can access lease agreements and invoices. You can send us a message. You’ll also receive annual reports, tax forms, and detailed answers to any questions you may have. We’re the stewards of property and your money. You should never wonder where you stand.

Investing in property is emotional. It’s hard to treat it like a business. That’s why we’re here – to offer the subjective and experienced insight and advice you need to make good decisions.

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Free Rental Analysis

Wondering how to price your Sacramento area home? It can be tricky. Pricing your home correctly will ensure a quick rental to great tenants. We don’t want to subject you to a longer vacancy period or an unqualified tenant. At Key Realty Center, we have resources and tools that make pricing your home accurate and competitive.

Find out how much your home should rent for – we’ll do an analysis that gives us a reliable range based on similar properties in your neighborhood. Don’t spend more than you need to on vacancy and turnover costs. Get the price right with Key Realty Center.

What Our Clients Say


We were searching for a house for months on the internet and going to open houses, but within a few days of hiring Rod Luman we found THE house. He is very patient with dealing with lots of questions and is very tied in with the Elk Grove and Sacramento real estate community. We’d recommend him to anyone!

Kate C.

Areas We Serve

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Tenants Are the Customers

We don’t want tenants to feel like they aren’t a priority.

We remember renting our Galt apartments and homes. We know it can be fun. We know it can be stressful. We know there are sometimes roommates and sometimes pets. We’ve had landlords who were awful, and we’ve had property managers who were absent. We are committed to not being that way.

We won’t accept it. Our team is here to ensure you have the best possible rental experience.

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Current Tenants Can Find Help Online

With our secure and convenient online portals, tenants can easily and efficiently pay rent and review statements. You can also make maintenance requests electronically. Check out your portal; there’s lots of good stuff there, and you might find the answers you’re looking for. If not – contact us. We’re here to help.

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Future Tenants – Live with Us!

Moving can be fun but sometimes it’s just plain awful, and we want to take away as much of the stress as we can. We can help you be prepared because at Key Realty Center, we have moved around A LOT. Talk to us about the application process and the move in funds. If you have a pet, we’ll tell you what that means for pet policies and fees. We’ll even send you a sample lease agreement before we ask you to sign one. Need a moving checklist? We’ve got that, too.

What Our Clients Say


I’ve been working with Key Realty Center for more than 5 years. As an out-of-town owner, Rod helped take care of the property, find new tenants, collect rent and deal with evictions…Rod and his staff are always friendly and responsive. I would recommend them to owners who prefer being hands off with their rental properties.

Wendy W.

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Jun 14, 2024
Google - Omar - Key Realty Center
I had been dealing with them for the past two years, they are very professional and honest. The office staff are responsive and helpful. Rod is a very good person to deal with, honest and considerate. Highly recommended
May 24, 2024
Google - D - Key Realty Center
After working with several local property management companies, Key Realty Center stands out. The team screened a good tenant and continues to be available for any questions. I'd recommend using their property management services.
May 18, 2024
- Bethany - Key Realty Center
Great customer care & service; prompt response with each request
May 18, 2024
- Kola - Key Realty Center
Prompt response to service call.
May 17, 2024
Google - Erin - Key Realty Center
Ana and Rod are both very kind, helpful and professional. We found the perfect home for our family and moved in shortly after viewing. Key Realty is also very quick to respond to maintenance requests. I am very pleased with the whole experience.

We are the best Property Management Company in the Galt Area.

Key Realty Center has been involved in the local real estate and rental market for years. We understand the price points, the tenant pool, and the local vendors and contractors.

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